No, virtual is not here to replace physical.

January 4, 2021

Why we don’t believe in the virtual future announced.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, the events and exhibitions sector has been struggling to reinvent itself. This crisis is even more tricky because of the uncertainty we all live in since it started.

Many have announced the death of the exhibitions as we know them and foretell an all virtual future. 

But the reality of the human condition tells us otherwise. Couples have known each other online for years. But there is only one couple married without meeting face to face, and they married to be able to meet. Humans are, by essence, social animals.

At the moment, we need to act against this virus, and we are willing to reduce the level of contact. However, we are eager to come back to business as usual. We look forward to shaking hands to close a deal, to taking a coffee with a colleague, to touching a product before undertaking any business. 
Virtual is not here to replace physical, it is only an added tool.

clients touching products on a stand, something you can't do at virtual events

We won’t deny the use and benefits of digitalization. New technologies allow us to reach more people in more places and provide an extended service to exhibitors and visitors. Virtuality as a complement is more than welcome. We Do Exhibitions is regularly updating its catalog of digital services.

Present and future

We are impatient to feel once again the boost of energy and creativity originated on the act of sharing with colleagues and clients such unique moments. Meanwhile, we will continue taking advantage of the benefits of virtual events as a momentary substitute for events as we want them.

But we know trade fairs will be back to the full extent of their potential. As they have always been. Better than ever, since we have used this time of crisis to learn and improve. 

We, workers of this sector, are passionate and pushful. We know our business. We have been preparing in these times of hiatus to come back stronger than ever. We are ready. 

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