Back to face-to-face meetings

January 4, 2021

The unmatched effect.

Over this pandemic period, face-to-face meetings where not possible. Therefore, a lot of organizations have had to make their meetings online. Virtual events became the default way of bringing employees and colleagues together for discussion, information, and training.

Many appreciate now the convenience, cost-savings, and other advantages of virtual meetings.

However, the end of the ban on face-to-face gatherings is coming. It’s time for all of us in this sector to advocate strongly for a return to live events.

Return to offline. Value of face-to-face meetings.

Whether you are a sales manager who needs to resume communications with your clients or someone who needs to persuade board members to go back to exhibitions, here you will find some convincing points on the side of face-to-face events.

face-to-face events are not replaceable

Which are the disadvantages and limits of online meetings?

  • Difficulty finding convenient schedules for a wide range of time zones. Specially in international online meetings.
  • Technical requirements: software, hardware, a fast internet connection.
  • Technical mishaps, e.g., loss of connection.
  • Security issues: hackers or intruders.
  • The recommended duration of virtual events, no longer than 2 hours. This results in multiple sessions where there was usually one. 
  • The perception of the virtual event as a force majeure solution while waiting to return to face-to-face meetings.

Advantages of face-to-face events:

Face-to-face is better to:

  • Catch and keep the participants’ attention.
  • Launch a new product
  • Present a new strategic program for the company.
  • Create a positive emotional climate.
  • Stimulate the team.
  • Build human networking and relationships.
  • Develop trust and transparency.

The global covid crisis forced venues, exhibitors, organizers, visitors, and providers to adapt. Nevertheless, since the beginning of this pandemic, we are all working on secure ways of coming back to face-to-face meetings. The time has come to go back to business as usual, well not as usual, safer than usual.

If you are planning on exhibiting on a face-to-face event, give us the opportunity to help you.